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Fiestas típicas Nacionales de Santa Cruz

Fiestas típicas Nacionales de Santa Cruz

Every year in January 14th a Festival starts, the “Fiestas típicas Nacionales de Santa Cruz”, Santa Cruz is a town immersed in the Guanacaste culture so this is not only a local Festival but one with countrywide importance, many people living far from Guanacaste take their holidays from work specifically on this dates so they can come over and enjoy the environment. It is worth saying that a week prior this official start, everyone is prepared with what they call “Semana Cultural”, this includes activities like traditional dance presentations among others.

Fiestas típicas Nacionales de Santa Cruz

This is a religious Festival, dedicated to a Saint called by the locals “Cristo de Esquipulas”. 

One of the outstanding activities is the Rodeo, where it says that only brave men dare to master the beast. Other cultural activities include the “Pasacalle” this is a parade where some are dressed up with big and colorful masks (Mascaradas), the “Tope” is never missing, it is a horse parade where the riders dress up and take pride in their animals which are trotting at a special pace for which they have trained them for hours.

Music is essential, specially the “Marimba”, not many young people now plays the Marimba which is a percussion instrument.

There will be Carrousels for kids -and why not, older ones- mechanical games, street food, concerts.

Two weeks full of activities that can cause goosebumps to the “santacruceños” which are so proud of their culture.