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Mission and Vision

Mission of the WAYRA Spanish Institute

Our mission is to lead the way in Spanish language education as a second language, providing a fully immersive experience in both the language and Latin American culture. We aim to achieve this competitively, upholding rigorous academic and teaching standards, and prioritizing student satisfaction. Our efforts are supported by the integration of our talented team, organizational strength, and strategic partnerships.

Vision of the WAYRA Spanish Institute

Our vision is to uphold and strengthen our position as a globally renowned institution in the realm of Spanish language education. We cater to new generations eager to master Spanish through an innovative and highly efficient teaching approach. With a team of skilled professionals, we aim to fulfill our responsibility in fostering cultural exchange and contributing to the education and preservation of the environment in Costa Rica.



Standard Course
Standard Course Plus 5
Standard Course Plus 10
Intensive Course
Private Course
Survival Spanish Course
Spanish for Specific Purposes
Spanish and Surf Program
Bildungsurlaub Course
DELE Exam Preparation Course
Children and Teenager Program
Online Spanish Classes
Online Language Test
Sea Turtle Rescuing
Social Work at CEPIA
Education (Teaching English)